HR2454 is going to hurt America (and badly)

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We’ve all heard about the “cap and trade” bill many on the left are working on (officially called HR2454 Waxman-Markley American Clean Energy And Security Act of 2009).  Looks like the left’s hard work is coming to fruition.

The House of Representatives is getting ready to vote on this bill, but first they need to get the bill fully prepared.  What exactly is included in the bill or what the House is doing in its final preparations is unclear, but it must be something really special.  There is no way a bill could ever go from a measly 946 pages last week to 1,201 pages this week (and growing) unless it was full of really really intelligent stuff.

To give you an idea what to expect, here’s the summary from
This is the Waxman-Markley comprehensive energy bill, known for short as “ACES,” that includes a cap-and-trade global warming reduction plan designed to reduce economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions 17 percent by 2020. Other provisions include new renewable requirements for utilities, studies and incentives regarding new carbon capture and sequestration technologies, energy efficiency incentives for homes and buildings, and grants for green jobs, among other things.

Sounds pretty good, eh?  This bill is hitting all the major talking points: reduce pollution, improve efficiency, and create jobs.  But there is one thing that has been left out of this summary:  the cost (Heritage Foundation on CBO estimate).

So, what kind of impact can we, as American citizens, expect from a cap and trade system?  How about we go straight to the source on this one.  I give you Obama the Great:

Yup.  Obama said “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket”. Obama and the left know this will not only increase American’s electric rates but skyrocket them them and they don’t care.

Times tough financially for you?  Too bad.

Have to pay for a child’s college education?  So what.

Feeling bad because you can’t contribute more to your retirement?  Oh well

None of this matters.  The left came up with a 1,200 page bill so they could put into place a cap and trade system and they will make darn well sure that cap and trade system is put into place regardless of how much it will hurt America.

P.S.  many experts say this bill will do nothing to improve the environment.

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